About the project

This project grew out of a fascination with my friends’ stories of immigration and identity, and my own searching for answers as a first generation American. After I graduated from undergrad, I realized that I had lots more questions about identity than I started out with. This project is inspired by my ethnography on Korean American identity conducted through Smith College, and another on Dai ethnicity and education, conducted through the School for International Training.

The Diaspora Narratives explores how diaspora is shaped by immigration history. It asks what factors cause family members to leave one’s homeland, often never to return. I hope to center the voices of women of color of various ethnic and racial heritage living in the United States in this project.

I have permission to share all featured photos. Interviewees’ photos belong to each respective interviewee. I have rights to publish sound recording, photos, and the written transcripts per featured interview to WordPress.

If you are interested in sharing this blog or participating in an interview please contact me at angelaylaw@gmail.com


Abelmann, Nancy. The Intimate University: Korean American Students and the Problems of Segregation. Duke University Press, 2009

International Diaspora Engagement Alliance. “Am I part of a diaspora?” web. 2012. http://www.diasporaalliance.org/am-i-part-of-a-diaspora/



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